Still Lifes and More

Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens

Painting of chickens in a barn window.

My friend Shirley Salton, a talented photographer from my hometown of DeLancey, New York, captured several images of these chickens and allowed me to combine them into this painting. I passed by the barn at this farm dozens of times but had always missed the enigmatic birds residing there. Thanks, Shirley! Giclee prints $135.00.

Apple Blossoms

painting of apple blossoms

Two centuries ago, the writer Horatio Alger wrote an ode to the allure of apple blooms and “the blossoming time of the year,” when he would lie in the fallen petals at the base of a tree “in a dreamy bliss.” Alger lived in Boston, but I’ve done the same thing here in the Catskills. As a painter, I’ve also been obsessed in capturing the swirly turn of each petal. So breathe in and smell the aroma as we give Alger the last word:

I sit in the shadow of apple-boughs,
In the fragrant orchard close,
And around me floats the scented air,
With its wave-like tidal flows.

Giclee prints $54.00.

Bobby’s Jacket

I painted this still life with a hand-me-down denim jacket I still own, an antique Birds Eye Maple chair I inherited and a Cyclamin I tried to keep alive. I have never been able to keep them going. Framed print $295, Print $86

Glory Seldom Seen

This window adorns the church I grew up in. It faces out from the side of the church where only the neighbor can enjoy it’s beauty. Print $110


Cucumber Still Life

This is one of my first watercolors. My sister gave me a set of paints that remained unopened for several years. I have long since forgot how to paint with oils or acrylics. Framed Print $368, Print $86

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