Stone Cold

Stone ColdThis old Dutch barn prompted me to hit the brakes and pull out my camera. Friends joke that I’ve painted every old barn in my home county in the Catskills, so I had to travel an hour east to Kingston, New York, to find this one. It’s along U.S. Route 9, which parallels the Hudson River from New York City to the border south of Montreal. The barn and its stone house have stood the test of time; to me, they hearken back to the old Dutch patroons who were predominant along the Hudson. It was teeth-chattering cold on the day I stopped to gawk.  Maybe that’s why the cow looks angry? Original Framed $450, print $130

Terry Clove Barn

This was one of my first barns. It was a very hot, sunny Fall day when I discovered it. At the time I didn’t think this would be the final image of it. There were still a few cows wandering in the fields above. Only a couple years later I drove by and found only the milk house still standing. Print $120

Wolf Hollow Barn

This barn scene from Andes, New York, was a commission painting. Many people have told me that they recognize the barn, but it doesn’t face the road so I’m certain most are mistaken. It probably seems familiar because the design is quite typical of barns in the Catskill Mountains, with a land bridge into the mow for the easy loading and unloading of hay. I loved the falling snow and the deep snowpack. I imagined myself tromping through the snow and entering that dark, mysterious mow entryway. Print $110

Maggie’s Barn

This proud barn still stands, tucked in a tight little valley just up West Terry Clove Road from my hometown village of DeLancey, New York. I painted this as a surprise for the former owner, my late friend Maggie DiJiulio. The sun on this day was very deceiving as it was quite cold. This is the view from the farmhouse—the very same view that men, women, and children who farmed there for generations would have seen as they headed out the door for morning chores. Framed print $266, print $75

Stone Ridge Farm

The lineage of this grand old barn, located in the Hudson River Valley town of Stone Ridge, New York, is a rarity in the Catskills. A family of Dutch immigrants, the Van Akens, settled in the region in the early 1700s and purchased this property under a land grant from Great Britain’s Queen Anne. More than 300 years later, the farm is still in being worked by descendants of the original owners. Original Framed SOLD $450, print $130

Sheffield Creamery

This is a historic landmark in Delaware County, NY. Built in 1893, it is the first creamery in the USA to pasteurize milk commercially.

As you rise up a knoll from the village below and turn a corner there is this incredible building set against the mountains in the distance. I loved how stoic and abandoned it looked. Print $140

Spring Valley Farm

I drove by this farm and hit my brakes. The wild flowers made an incredible site.  Luckily, no one was following me. I did leave out the bathtub Mary and the falling down house. A year later the barn was bulldozed down. print $105