Landscapes are Karen’s specialty but a still life of cherished possessions can create a “portrait” for you.

Karen will meet with you personally or by phone to discuss your commissioned original.

Karen prefers to work from her own photographs but it’s always helpful to see your photos.

You’ll be provided with a photographic ‘proof’ of your commission in advance and sign off on it  before any work is started.

Commissions make great gifts and are also created for our corporate clients. Gilcees prints can be created from your commissioned painting to use for employee gifts, customer rewards, company note cards, etc.

Rates are very reasonable, starting at as little as $650, depending on on the size and complexity of the painting. Generally, a commission takes about three months to complete. Let’s talk!

One example:

Howland House: Hidden Nook, Walton, New York

One Response to Commissions

  1. Hi!, Karen,

    My name is Carolyn Carr. Husband Michael and I ride with your sister-in-law
    Do you have a studio we can come and visit?

    As a fellow artist, I know you are loving the weather today.



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