Almost Home – completed!!

This is the Little Delaware near it's source in Bovina..

This is the Little Delaware near it’s source in Bovina..


Finally completed! 50+ hours. The title submitted by brother Kevin was perfect. Although I would kinda like a long title: Almost Home, The Little Delaware in Bovina. They name horses like that don’t they? Anyway, it’s officially for sale. Just haven’t decided on the price yet.

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Painting Apple Blossoms

painting apple bloosems
The perfect afternoon. Finished a painting 50+ hours in the making and then got to do something with no expectations. So,, I cut some apple bloomsoms from a narley old tree, turned on a Walton’s Mountain marathon, poured a glass of wine and….. life is good. Walton’s Mountain reminding me of how glad I am to come from a big family, walking out my backdoor to find the flowers makes living here wonderful and the wine, well wine is always a direct path to sentimentally.
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Visit Stewart’s Dept Store

A great new store in Delhi. Actually, Delhi has been fortunate to have Stewart’s Dept store for many years. The new owners have kept the beautiful display cases and character of the store. They opened the space up and added some amazing products.. including some Stonewall Watercolor art. It’s a great place to find gifts, funky clothes from your basic blue jeans to lacy blouses, dishes, sewing notions and lots more.

Delhi also offers antique shops, card shops, lots of restaurants, a book store. Check it out.

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Painting in Progress – All Done but the Tweaking

The Little Delaware in Bovina is almost done!!! ¬†Haven’t counted up the hours yet. I make notes on the edges of the paper every time I do a painting.. on average I run about 40 hours, but I think The Little Delaware will surpass that. Stay tuned for the final count and the preview.

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My First Blog!!

We are up and running! My thanks to Sue Marshall and her husband for all their help in creating this site. I  highly recommend them to anyone that wants a great website at a reasonable cost.

Great web sites should be a work in progress so I will be blogging and adding to this site on a weekly bases. Please post your thoughts and comments.


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